Top 10 Dating Conversation Tips

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Presenting top ten dating conversation tips… from dating conversation starters to dating openers every guy wants to know how to keep a women engaged throughout the night.

The problem is approach anxiety, nervousness and even the dating atmosphere can freeze your mind to interesting topics.

As a result you come across as the boring zombie with nothing to say – far from the guy you know you are and far from the personality you need to portray.

Dating disasters such as dead (hear a pin drop) silences will absolutely kill a date. Good dates a based on solid conversation, solid conversation is usually based on mutual interest.

It must be noted – the last thing you want to do is bore your date to death with mindless chit chat about yourself but this is ten times better than awkward silences.

This really depends on your nature – there are a few guys out there that can charm the pants off most women with conversation. Conversing just comes naturally to them. Sadly guys we are just not great communicators and this has to change if we want to impress.

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To help combat this, let’s go over ten of the top conversation starters

Dating Conversation Tip 1– Awkward Silences?

When you find that the dating atmosphere is getting a little tense and serious use comedy to lighten the mood. This does not mean you need pre written jokes from a notepad…

If YOU think the date is getting a little awkward, like weird silences and hesitancy then you can be sure she is thinking the same thing! Take the initiative and allude to the silence of the date.
This will help by:

  1. a) Putting you back in control
  2. b) Indicating your laid back nature
  3. c) Immediately takes pressure off her

The silence will immediately be broken when you bring the topic of silence to the forefront. It puts this fear out to dry and indicates to your date that you are approachable and conversational. Like this is not a normal occurrence for you. She then has to prove to you that she too will not put up with awkward silences in a date and start to talk.

Dating Conversation Tip 2 – Conversation Starters

Women don’t want the whole story… (it may not be that interesting to her) but you can talk about your day at least to get things started. It will give her a chance to come up with a topic of conversation or recap some of the things she did that day.

A simple conversation starter

“So… tell me a little about yourself {dates name}”

Is a great way to show your interest in her life her interests and takes the focus off you. Make sure that you do then use eye contact and head nodding with smiles and reactions so what she says.

Dating Conversation Tip 3– Compliments

One well placed authentic compliment WILL linger in a women’s mind for weeks! Even if:

She gets complimented all the time

AND you don’t talk again for weeks

So keep your compliments to a minimum but when you do compliment a women’s appearance or personality really mean it and say it with meaning. This again means using eye contact, smiling and authenticity

Dating Conversation Tip 4– Relate And Link Conversation

When your date brings up a topic of conversation there is a great chance that this is one of her passions. Rather than skipping forward and bringing up a completely different topic, ask additional questions and keep the original conversation going.

All you need to do is ask insightful questions on the topic she brought up. This means paying close attention.

If she brings up animals for some reason keep this in mind. She may adore cats and own 4! So don’t go slandering and putting down animals you will find yourself getting some nasty looks.

Dating Conversation Tip 5 – Make Her Feel Comfortable

The hardest thing in any conversation is making your dating partner feel 100% at home in your presence.
I do realise though that this is really tough when you don’t feel comfortable. You are nervous perhaps sweating too much perhaps your breathing to quickly or not enough when you talk.

Maybe your heart is beating rapidly.

As a result you make your date feel unwanted unease. She will feel that you are nervous and as a result feel the same.

Can you see what I mean?
You do not want to offload this stress onto your date. You want add value, happiness, sexual tension and humour to ever date you go on.

The first step in making her feel completely at ease in your presence is be at ease yourself.

This means not rushing your actions or speech. Use smooth calm and natural mannerisms. She will be naturally drawn to the man who is at peace with himself.

Dating Conversation Tip 6 – Interruptions

Some people are unaware of the natural flow of a normal conversation. If you are one of these people here is what happens.

You speak and perhaps ask a question

She speaks in reply of your question and asks a question in turn
You WAIT for her to finish then pause… for 5-10 seconds in reflection of her knew question then you talk and it goes back to the start.

Note how it did not go like this:

You speak loudly and obnoxiously for a long period of time.

She tries to talk or reply to an apparent question

You interrupt her attempt at conversation and continue to talk

While this is an extreme example you will be amazed at the amount of men and women who do not abide by normal conversation etiquette.

It comes down to respecting what your date has to say!

Pause for effect – you are indicating to your her that you have acknowledged what she has to say. You have recognised that what she has to say it Important and she is valued as a result. By interjecting straight away you are suggesting that you never were interested in what she was saying anyway.

Dating Conversation Tip 7 – Genuine Interest

It’s tough to show genuine interest in a conversation when you are really not into it whatsoever. This is why it pays to know that your date has some mutual hobbies etc. The mere word genuine indicates that you are not faking it.

Women can tell if you are just saying… yep, yeh, ahuh, right , of course. Plus you have nothing interesting to say in return. Vocal enthusiasm goes down and as a result the conversation ends. Pick your dates carefully.

Dating Conversation Tip 8 – Games

There are many conversation games and quirky tricks you can use to lighten the mood when the going gets tough.

Surprising a date with sexy trivia or even common knowledge can move things forward and out of stagnation:
How many planets are there in our Universe?

Who was the first President of the United States?

What are the three largest cities in China?

What do the letters ‘U.N.’ stand for?

What is the largest continent in the world?

The Beatles were from which country?

Who was the first man to walk on the moon?

What is the capital city of Italy?

At what temperatures does water freeze and boil?

What is the name of the largest river in the world?

These are just a few random examples but I am sure you can think of much better and more relevant ones.

You can also use obvious objects in the room to keep the date dynamic. Keep the authority by making your date work for it.

“Right you have to pick an object in this room… and tell me something I don’t know about it, if you get it wrong you buy the next drink”

Dating Conversation Tip 9 – Use The Calendar

Arguably a boring conversational tip however what’s going on in the media and on the calendar this week is another
conversational topic to use. Women are interested in what’s going on in the celebrity or fashion world.

Dating Conversation Tip 9 – Clean Jokes

I’m never one for one-liners – there is too much pressure to perform and they are always a letdown. But integrated humour and jokes are vital to dates taking off. Laughter is contagious and sparks attraction and connection.